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Arrangements, local systems and Singularity theory

Objectives :
The 2007 Summer School will consist of two sections, Arrangements & Local Systems and Singularities. Historically these two fields are closely related, require the same mathematical background and often similar tools are employed in their study. The aim of the ALS Summer School is to give its students a working knowledge on local system cohomology.
The summer school will be followed by a workshop on Hyperplane arrangements.

Scientific advisory committee :
Fouad EL Zein (Université de Nantes, France), Mutsuo Oka (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Stephan Papadima (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Romania), Jose Seade (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Cuernavaca, Mexico), Alexander Suciu (Northeastern University, Hiraoki Terao, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan), Le Dung Trang (International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy), Sergei Yuzvinsky (University of Oregon, USA)

Organizers :
Bedia Akyar Moeller (DEU, Izmir, Turkey), Selma Altinok (Adnan Menderes Universitesi, Aydin, Turkey), Ozgur Ceyhan (MPIfM Bonn, Germany), Gulay Karadogan (GSU, Istanbul, Turkey), Ozgur Kisisel (METU, Ankara, Turkey), Engin Mermut (DEU, Izmir, Turkey), Ali Sinan Sertoz (Bilkent Universitesi, Ankara, Turkey), Meral Tosun (YTU, Istanbul, Turkey), A. Muhammed Uludag (GSU, Istanbul, Turkey)

Working languages:

Date and location :
June 11-22, 2007, Galatasaray University, Istanbul (Turkey)

Scientific program:
Selma Altinok
Turker Biyikoglu, Combinatorial aspects of arrangements
Jean Paul Brasselet, Classes caractéristiques, introduction et applications.
Ozgur Ceyhan
Dan Cohen, Cohomology of local systems
Graham Denham,
F. EL Zein, From Local Systems to Constructible Sheaves.
Michael Falk, Large geometry and combinatorics of resonance weights
Eva Maria Feichtner,
Ozgur Kisisel
Daniel Matei,
David Mond
Mutsuo Oka, Théorie de Morse stratifiée.
Yildiray Ozan,
Jose Seade, Topology of isolated singularities in analytic spaces
Alexandre Suciu, Braid groups, monodromy and topology of arrangements complements
Hiraoki Terao, What make hyperplane arrangements free?
Meral Tosun, Singularités liées aux algèbres de Lie.
Le Dung Trang, Singularités liées aux algèbres de Lie.
A. Muhammed Uludag, Configuration spaces of arrangements
Masaaki Yoshida
Sergei Yuzvinsky, Cohomology of Orlik-Salomon Algebras

Prerequisites :
Research students (Ms. Sci, DEA, Ph.D., Post-doctoral) with a basic knowledge of algebraic geometry can attend the school.

Deadline for registration : March 31st, 2007

Local website: http://gsulinux.org/~saga/als/index.html

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