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Call for proposal will be opened on Spring 2009


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CIMPA research schools Call for proposals

The following text is intended to mathematicians who wish to organize a research school (Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as related subjects such as computer sciences and theorical physics are concerned with this offer).

What is a CIMPA research school ?

A CIMPA research school is usually a presentation or an introduction to the recent researches in a field of mathematics (Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as related subjects such as computer sciences and theoretical physics) organized on French PhD programme basis. Research schools are intended to higher education and research teaching staff. Beginners as well as confirmed scientists who wish to improve or to become initiated to a new field of research can attend the lectures. Usually a CIMPA research school lasts two weeks (about 50 hours).

CIMPA research school audience

In accordance with CIMPA mission, research schools are mainly intended for mathematicians, higher degree teaching staff, researchers or engineers working in developing countries. Such  research schools aim at diffusing scientific knowledge and facilitating scientific contacts between participants and lecturers. For that reason French people and other industrialized countries trainees are welcomed.

Application procedure.

By the end of June of year N for a research school taking place in N+2 year, a proposal should reach CIMPA including :

  1. the name of the research school and a scientific programme, with the list of speakers, the list of courses and a summary of each course (about 10 lines)
  2. the name of the scientific director and a list of the lecturers contacted to participate in the research school. They preferably will come from different countries,
  3. the objectives of the research school and a list of developing countries which could be interested in the project,
  4. the necessary equipement (if any),
  5. dates, duration and location chosen.
  6. A tentative budget of the research school.


The proposal will be submitted for advice to the scientific council and to the administration council for decision. The scientific committee of the research school and CIMPA representatives will meet at least three months before the beginning of the research school for the selection of the candidates.


For any suggestions mail to:   
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