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January, 03-18, 2009, Pointe-à-Pitre

Population Dynamics, Control and Applications

The group « Contrôle » of the team AOC EA3591 (http://www.univ-ag.fr/aoc) works in control problems of missing data and the problems of controllability. The objectives of the school are multiple, we can nevertheless retain following both points which are important :

  • Answer to a demand of the Caribbean and the close Latin America concerning problems of biodiversity
  • Integration of those who are interested in these subjects to develop a partnership, and put in a network of several teams.

Subjects which will be approached :

  • Populations Dynamics,
  • Modelling in biodiversity,
  • Inverse Problems,
  • Data Assimilation,
  • Optimal Control, Controllability, Stability,
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Scientific organizers :
    O. Nakoulima (University of Antilles Guyane, Guadeloupe, France),
    J.-P. Puel (University of Versailles, France)

    Local Organizing Committee (UAG)
    R. Dorville,
    G. Malespine,
    G. Massengo,
    O. Nakoulima,
    A. Omrane (Corresponding organizer : aomrane@univ-ag.fr),
    V. Valmorin,
    J. Vélin

    Scientific Program

    Invited Lecturers (CIMPA)
    B. Ainseba (Bordeaux II University, France)
    N. Burq (Orsay University, France)
    E. Casas (Cantabria University, Spain)
    F. Hecht (Paris 6 University , France)
    M. Langlais (Bordeaux II University, France)
    J. P. Puel (Versailles University, France)
    D. Seck ( Dakar University, Senegal)
    E. Zuazua (Bilbao University, Spain)

    Other informations

  • Localisation of the school

    University Antilles-Guyane
    UFR Sciences Exactes et Naturelles
    Campus de Fouillole
    Amphi 4 (Guy Merhault)
  • Prerequired
    The public attended in the School are Master students, young researchers and people interested in this field.
  • Working language :
  • Dates and place :
    January, 3-18, 2009, Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe (France)
  • Participants

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    Housing "Hotel"

    Hôtel Village Soleil,
    Marina (Bas-du-Fort),
    97190, Le Gosier

    http://www.hotel-village-soleil.com (10 mn to the School, by foot)

    Housing "Campus"

    Residence universitaire
    Campus de Fouillole,
    La Marina - Rond Point,
    97159, Pointe-à-Pitre.

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