After developments of Singularity theory, following Thom and Whitney, the theory has been applied to many fields in mathematics: Topology, Geometry, Algebra, ... and in other sciences. Singularity theory allows to classify and to explain what are possible changes in behavior of phenomena.

Motivation of this CIMPA school is to train Ph. D. students, young researchers and lecturers to be able to apply singularity theory to classify behavior changes and to explain such modifications not only in mathematical situations but also in related sciences. That is the reason for which the school will comprise theoretical courses in singularity theory and its applications in fields like robotics, medical imaging, cosmology,...

The school aims to

  • provide an introduction to some current problems of the field for young postgraduate students, young researchers and mathematicians in the region.
  • present recent advances and perspectives in singularity theory and its applications for more specialized researchers.

The aimed region is globally South Asia