Aspects of Dynamical Systems
Tribuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
November 03-16, 2014
There is a need to enlarge the range of the areas of mathematics which are developed in Nepal. For example, Master level students of Central Department of Mathematics of Tribhuvan University have to attend an elective course and the University is not able to offer a course in dynamical systems. In the other hand, to obtain a Master of Philosophy degree in Mathematics in Kathmandu University, students have to prepare a master dissertation. Although many students have shown interest in dynamical systems, due to various constraints on departmental resources, only a few students have the opportunity to prepare their dissertation in Dynamical Sytems. Therefore, they have to choose other subject.
So Professors from the departments of Mathematics are convinced of the importance of organizing national and international schools, workshops and seminars in different subjects, in order to interact frequently with mathematicians from all over the world.
We expect that the CIMPA School 2014 in “Aspects of Dynamical Systems” will be a platform for the young mathematicians of the universities of Nepal along with the ones coming from abroad, especially from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc who are interested in Dynamical Systems.
By interacting with different senior and foreign mathematicians during the CIMPA school, the students, scholars and researchers would be exposed to different aspects of Dynamical Systems. During the free times, participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts and be acquainted with the recent trends of the subject.
We expect that some students and researchers from Physics and Engineering will also attend the school. For the future, there will be a follow up program, we are planning to organize conferences in Tribhuvan University as well as in other universities and colleges of Nepal. Though in this school different aspects of Dynamical Systems will be discussed, ultimately our focus will be mainly in Complex Dynamics and Ergodic Theory. The main goal of the school will be to prepare the basis to form a research group acting in these fields in Nepal.