Research School on Spatial Statistic and Extreme Value

Welcome to the Research School on Spatial Statistics and extreme values

The research school will focus on spatial statistics and extreme events, with applications in epidemiology and food risks. The research school will be held 6-17 of March 2017 in La Habana (Cuba)

The main courses will be:

  • 1. Spatial Statistics: Geostatistics
  • 2. Spatial Statistics: data on grid
  • 3. Extreme events: univariate case
  • 4. Extreme events: multivariate and spatial case
  • 5. Epidemiology and spatial epidemiology
  • 6. Food Risk (including extremes)

The school is suited for students, faculty members and non-specialists or practitioners wishing to orient their research to spatial modeling, assessing tail risks and their applications in epidemiology and food risks. The research school can also interesed researchers from other disciplines like epidemiologists or nutritionists with a good statistical background. Indeed the school aims to be the place for meeting, training and exchanging but also it aims to create a community around these themes in Cuba.

The school will consist in courses and lectures, practical works and projects using the R software. The last day will be dedicated to research talks.

The language of the research school is English.

The deadline for registrations of participants from outside Cuba is 20th of November 2016.

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